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reports of problems observed firsthand
Election systems aren't perfect. They need to be monitored. Problems need to be reported, corrected.

But like many tasks today, there are too few hands for the job. And the job is getting more and more complex.

You can help.

First, report any problem you encounter—during campaigning, voter registration, balloting, or any other time.

Second, publish your report widely. This not only alerts fellow voters to immediate pitfalls, it helps build a database for revamping the system.

Our Hotsheet lets you publish your report instantly—complete, intact, unfiltered—directly to fellow voters, troubleshooters, journalists, researchers, and other interested observers.

Our site makes it easy to—

Call a hotline for immediate help.
Post a report—and see it published here instantly.
Upload audio or video files.
Read Latest up-to-the-minute reports.
Read All reports, starting with the oldest.

Questions, comments? Post a note here! Or email us at the address below.

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Ellen H. Brodsky
Hotsheet Moderator

P. S. Check out these tips for ensuring your right to vote!
Ensuring Your Right to Vote

ACLU of Florida

Voter Empowerment Cards
 English: Voter Empowerment Card
 Spanish: Tarjeta de informacion electoral 2010 de Florida

Other Resources

Providing Help to Voters with Disabilities (PDF)
Voting with Mental Disabilities (PDF)
Breaking Barriers To The Ballot Box (PDF)

The Advancement Project

"2010 Florida Voter Protection Laws in a Nutshell”
"Legal Protections Against Vote Suppression in Florida"

Quick Tips for Voters
  • Don't forget to vote! Remind your friends and family too.
  • Check your voter registration status.
  • Locate your polling place and note the hours of operation.
  • Plan ahead, particularly if you require some form of assistance.
  • If you plan to vote at the polls, go early in the day to avoid the last-minute rush.
  • Bring a valid form of identification, even if it's not required.
  • Wear comfortable and adequate clothing in case of long lines or inclement weather.
  • Do not wear candidate-specific clothing.
  • Take your time and read all instructions carefully. Ask for help if you need it.
  • Be wary of rumors and false information that may be designed to discourage you from voting.
  • Report any voting problems or irregularities to state officials and/or call the ACLU's voter protection hotline at 877-523-2792.

Telephone Hotlines

Non-Governmental (nationwide)

Election Protection Coalition
Year-round voting info and help.
On Nov 2, attorneys will be on call
to address problems at the polls.

877-523-2792 ACLU's Voter Rights Protection Hotline

954-263-6032 Broward Election Reform Coalition,
Ellen Brodsky


  Florida Voter Registration Lookup

954-357-7050 Supervisor of Elections

  Precinct Finder & Sample Ballot

  Check your Registration, Provisional Ballot & Absentee Ballot Status

954-831-6561 State Attorney's Office, Inspections

305-944-9101 FBI

Where to Upload Video/Audio Reports

* After uploading a file, be sure to post its link in your report. *

Each VideoTheVote video should be between 30 seconds long and 3 minutes long.

YouTube (If you have a YouTube account.)
Each YouTube video can be up to 2 gigabytes in size and 15 minutes in length. (Alternative to the above two.)
Each file can be up to 100 megabytes in size.

Each file can be up to 100 megabytes in size.

Reports and Comments

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